an anticipatory garlic soup

“the seasons are changing,” every sale email in my inbox insists. “layer up! stock up on boots and sweaters!”

i want to. believe me, i really want to. i want to put on tights and go on hayrides and i dunno, kiss some boys in a pile of leaves (although that’s a year-round affliction)…but it’s 84 degrees, and my short trip to pick up a few things from the store in a pair of jeans (mistake number one) without my car (mistake number two) very nearly resulted in death by humidity.

but inside my air-conditioned apartment, i can wear all the turtlenecks and legwarmers i want and pretend that fall is already here. so this inaugural soup is really meant for colder days, but i am eating it right now, sitting on my couch and thinking about how october is the best month. Continue reading